Do You Love Yourself?

Do You Love Yourself?

September 30, 2019

Happy Monday Goddesses!


Empowering Tips

A Very Powerful Tip to Boost Confidence!

So many situations can rob us of our Power and Esteem. From our early years, we experience negative feedback in our family, at school, remember those teenage years having to deal with peers?
Then we look at intimate relationships, most of which are toxic, the work environment, social situations, the list goes on.
No Wonder we feel Disempowered! As you know, my purpose and passion is to Empower You and Boost your Self-Worth, so I am going to Share a Very Powerful Exercise with you today!


Stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes, not as you do your hair and makeup!
Do this for around 5 minutes daily looking into your soul.
Repeatedly say I LOVE YOU with your name.
Do this daily and your Confidence will rise whilst you develop Self-Awareness and Acceptance!



Happy Monday Goddesses! Our Next Goddess Gathering is tomorrow on October 1 so if you are in Sydney don't miss it! We will enjoy an Intimate Parisian 1920s venue at Little Felix. Tickets are just $15 at
If you don't use Paypal you are welcome to deposit into Areti Goddess Events BSB 032-023 ACC 406077 with your name and email so that you may be emailed!
In news, I am grateful to have all the personal tools I do, because a few days ago, I put my lower back out and have been in a world of pain! I must say I have really missed my Yoga. This has not stopped me posting daily 1 minute videos with Tips on social media, a new commitment to post one daily. You can view those on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
As we are getting together tomorrow, Facebook Live will not happen this week.
It has been a busy time Coaching and developing Collaborations and that Reminds Me! If you are active online and have a website, you can Earn 25% by Joining our Affiliate Program ! It takes a minute to join and all the Sharing tools are Ready for you if you are interested! To thank you for getting the word out, you can enjoy the same commission on all the services offered! You are allocated Your Unique Link paying you automatically! You can Join Here
I can't wait to see you tomorrow night Goddesses! Thinking of dressing a little Burlesque for our venue!

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