Tips to Achieve Your Goal!

August 12, 2019

Happy Monday Goddesses!

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Happy Monday Goddesses! I hope this finds you well and happy on Monday, Goals Day! If there is a Goal you would love to achieve and want to be Empowered to do it, I would be honoured to Empower you, just let me know! 
In news, our Goddess Experience on September 1 happens to fall on Father's Day and understandably, many of you cannot make it, so this one has now been tabled. Save the Date for October 1, our next Goddess Experience in Sydney and ideas are welcome! 
Running a company alone is impossible, I have been working on forming Partnerships with likeminded people and organisations, equally committed to Empowering women and Changing our Statistics. If that is of interest to you , lets get together and discuss possibilities! Its all about Collaboration.

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Empowering Tips

Tips to Achieve Your Goal

This week's Topic of Discussion on Facebook Live tomorrow at 6pm, join us! Until then... 
So How do we Achieve our Goals? Whatever your Goal is big or small, a great way to ensure its success is to check in with yourself and ask a couple of questions!

Does my Goal align with my highest values? 
Do I believe I can achieve it? 
What, if anything has or is stopping me from achieving my Goal? 
Is my Goal realistic or is it a Dream? 
Once you have answered these questions, here are two very important Tips:

1. Stay Focussed on Your Goal 2. Take at least One Action toward your Goal Every Day!

I hope this helps to Empower You!



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