2 Day Confidence Boost

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Celebrate All of Who You Are in this 2 Day Workshop! Dates Upon Demand

Unleash Your Full Expression!

Book Now and Save $1000

Bonus Boost Your Confidence Video with Tips


Would you like to Stand Tall in Full Confidence?

Imagine making an Entrance, exuding magnetism, attracting people to you without even trying!

Imagine being Authentic and Free, Fully Present, Honouring Yourself.

Imagine being Happy and Creative with an Open Heart, in Self Referral, Passionate, doing what You Love.

You are Successful, Inspired, a Great Communicator, enjoying Harmonious Relationships in Perfect Balance!

Imagine having the Confidence to Speak Your Truth, win at Work and Life.

You are Unique

Your Life can be Your Work of Art

You can Create That

Here's What Others Say! 

“I’ve had such a positive change in my energy and life force since Sunday. I was so angry and hurting among other things, and although it’s not fixed, I feel such a positive and excited hope about all of this. Thank you so much. I originally joined as I need to make drastic changes in my relationship with my partner. Now after Sunday, I feel I must make drastic changes in my relationship with ME! Ha. With some answers I feel so relieved and happy. Thank you for this gift.
Thanks again and I am so excited about this. It’s life changing. The affirmations are on my walls and I say them everyday. Thanks for putting the joy in my soul again.” Debra Hattingh

Join this 2 Day Workshop and learn how to set yourself Free! An Intensive, Interactive, fun Experience you will Treasure.


DAY 1 9.30am - 6pm


Exercises to Connect

Exercises to Trust

Vocal Exercises


Releasing Blocks

Your Unique Power Stance

DAY 2 9.30am-6pm


Boosting Confidence

Practicing Authenticity

Finding Your Unique Expression

Affirming Your Gifts

Making Plans

Commitment to Take Action!

Inclusive Of:

Work books


If you worry about what others think, are unable to assert yourself, feel intimidated, withdraw socially, feel safer alone, feel afraid, this is for YOU and YOU DESERVE IT


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Type: Personal Transformation

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