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The Areti Goddess Events 9 Week Online Program, taking Enrolments for January 2020 Commencement Now! 

Isn't it Time you were Your Own Boss? Free to Be You?  You Deserve the Best! Stop Trading Your Time for Money and Enjoy Your Ideal Lifestyle


Imagine... Being Unapologetic about all of Who You Are

Imagine... Having Confidence, standing tall, feminine yet powerful, free and unafraid. 

Imagine... Being your own best friend, being kind to yourself and putting yourself first.

Imagine...Being your Own Boss in Every Way

Imagine... Enjoying Harmonious Relationships in Perfect Health and Vitality

Imagine... Squeezing the Juice out of Each Moment


Enrol in the Areti Goddess Events Online Program Now,  and SAVE $500! 


Do You Feel powerless?

Is there one or more Goal you have tried and tried to Achieve and cannot?

Betrayed? Helpless? Hopeless? Frustrated? Controlled? Alone? Subjugated? Abused? Sick? Exhausted? Gaslighted? Bullied?

Are you Intimidated by others? Compare yourself to others? Worry about how others think of you? 

Do you take refuge in alcohol, food, drugs, gambling, work, sex, fantasy? Do you Isolate? 


Did you know that half of our middle aged friends, sisters, mothers don't have funds to retire on? That 1 in 4 of us is abused in an Intimate Relationship and 1 of us dies each week at the hands of an intimate partner? Or that more than half of us are obese, many of us with Health issues? And that is in Australia alone!


Have you Had Enough Yet?

How will you feel if nothing changes in One Year?

The Areti Goddess Events Online Program is Specially Devised with the best breakthrough tools gathered over time, Individual Action Plans, Goals and Daily Practice to  Abolish Negative Patterns. Experience tangible, measurable results. Online Group Coaching with Modules on Self-Worth & Image, Styling, Dressing for Success, Relationships, Super Health, Passion & Purpose, Business Tools, Public Speaking & Presentation, Marketing, Branding, Pitching your Concept to Camera, Your Publicity Photograph and Certificate of Completion! Added Goddess Experiences and More.

Did you know 85% of us wake up feeling bad and 71% hate our jobs? 

An Areti Goddess is All of Who She is Unapologetically! She is dedicated to Excellence and her Highest Potential. Become Fully equipped to access your Authentic Power, with the  Skills, Tools, Experts, Confidence and Independence to be Your Own Boss in every way and Create your Ideal Future! Connect with other Goddesses equally dedicated to their Growth and a passion to Change our Statistics. Women empowering women #GoddessRise

Now Just Imagine, because You Are Goddess

 It takes 21 Days to Break a Pattern… At least 60 days to Create one

We don’t know what we don’t know. Doing the same things expecting different results is the definition of Insanity.  It is rare that we have all of the most important areas in life Empowered. 


 What You Get:

  • Your Welcome Pack with your Goddess Notebook with Elements to Practice and a  list of Resources
  • Breakthrough techniques for Accelerated Results to Remove Negative Beliefs and Harmful Patterns
  • Expert Advice
  • Access to our closed Areti Goddess Events Facebook Group
  • Weekly Facebook Live Tuesdays at 6pm on the Areti Goddess Events Facebook Page
  • Regular Updates and Tips by email
  • Goal Setting 
  • Individual Action Plans
  • Resources
  • Weekly Group Online Accountability Coaching
  • Networking with women empowering women, passionate about changing our Statistics!

     The Benefits of Joining The ARETI GODDESS EVENTS PROGRAM


    1. Self-Worth and Image, Styling, Dress for Success
    2. My Goddess Relationship: Self, Family, Friends, Intimate relationship, Work and Dating.
    3. Super Health: Alternatives and Solutions above and beyond conventional Medicine and how to Transcend Suffering. 
    4. Purpose and Passion: Discover your Unique Talent and Niche
    5. Business Tools: Make your Unique Gift a Reality, how to Start, website development, product development.
    6. Public Speaking & Presentation: Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking, Skills and your Perfect Presentation. 
    7. Marketing & Branding: How to Create your Brand and Get your Message out there. 
    8. Pitch to Camera and Photography: Learn how to Pitch your Unique Talent and finish with your Pitch video and Publicity Photograph.
    9. Integration, Completion and Celebration! Your Certificate of Achievement

    Your Outcomes

    1. Boost your Confidence and Self Worth

    2. You will learn to love Your Image, what suits you best and How to Dress for Success.

    3. You will transform relationships at home, at work, with family and friends.

    4. You will learn about alternative Options to bring you to perfect Health and Vitality.

    5. You will Eliminate Negative Beliefs and Patterns.

    6. You will Access your Unique Talent, Your Purpose and Passion.

    7. You will Learn How to Start a Business and Grow it.

    8. You will learn how to Thrive.

    9. You will Conquer your Fear of Public Speaking and Speak with Authenticity and Passion.

    10. You will learn Presentation Skills.

    11. You will learn how to Pitch your Business Idea to Camera.

    12. You will Learn about Marketing and Branding.

    13. You will do a Photo Shoot for your Publicity Image.

    14. You will leave with the Full Package Ready to Take on the World!

    My purpose is to bring you everything I can to Empower You! 




    Time to Break Free Ladies!

    Payment Options Available Ask Me How!

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